About Us

Thanks for taking time to find out more about Dave's Graphic Design, and what we can do for you. We are excited at DGD to help build your business through professional designed logos, business cards, websites, fliers, tri-folds or any other graphic need.

Some have asked "Why are you any different than any other graphic design company?"  Well let me tell you, we are different in MANY ways, we do not design and KEEP your specific design, when we finish, the project is yours, we don't require any papers to be signed saying that you can not use the design in any other marketing need.  Instead we WANT you to use what we have done for you in any way you wish, because we believe when we finish a job for you, it is going to be something that you and DGD will be proud to show off. 

Another big key is we DO NOT use templates, companies that use templates are not doing the job for you that we will.  We will sit down and come up with some ideas of a specific designs you are looking for and then go back to our office and design it.  Who wants something out there that 50 other companies have???? We want you to have your OWN design and be happy with it. 

Give us a call today for a FREE estimate and see what we can do to make you look good.